Not we listen to music,
but music listens to us.
– Theodore Adorno
The theater has been operating since September 2019. The idea of ​​creating the theater of the country's first chamber musical theater belongs to the artistic director Irina Loy.

Today the chamber musical theater "Amadey & Co" is a team of professionals and idealists, united by the same goals:
education and consolidation of the viewer around the ideas of national spiritual development, the revival of national cultural values, acquaintance with the cultural heritage of other countries;
through the production of foreign and national opera, modern and experimental direction and a high performing level, we want to draw attention to the most pressing issues of concern to society and eternal values;
to acquaint the Belarusian audience with new masterpieces of foreign and national opera that have not been performed in Belarus. Provide the public with a variety of opportunities to penetrate deeper into the essence of musical art, and better understand the culture of other countries;
to introduce children (and in a place with them and parents) to classical musical art.

To do this, we implement the following principles in our projects:
special repertoire: Western European theatrical baroque (not represented in Belarus), Belarusian early music, contemporary Belarusian and foreign music, dramatic musical performances, performances for schoolchildren, etc .;
experimental forms of performances (performance, pasticcio, etc.);
the creation of a specific atmosphere during the performance, when the audience is not separated from the stage and the artistic composition and can more fully perceive what is happening on the stage;
mobility (which implies territorial coverage, the ability to use theatrical performances in social projects, to bring performances to different regions of the country).

The theater also has an educational vector:
raising the professional level of artists (conducting master classes, trainings, professional courses);
training of amateur artists for the purpose of their self-realization in theater projects (creation of an amateur chorus, expansion of an ensemble of instrumentalists).

We position our theater as a means of education and intellectual development in society. Each performance is accompanied by game presentations (overtures and sideshows) that immerse the audience in the era, style and context of the performance.

The premiere performance took place on December 13, 2019 in the "Upper City" concert hall - the theater gave a concert consisting of works of the Italian Baroque, which had not previously been performed in Belarus.
During the COVID-19 quarantine period, the theater went online and on April 13, 2020 gave the first live online church music concert in the republic dedicated to the Passion of Christ.
Since April 21, 2020, daily in the evenings as part of the Bedtime Stories project, the theater musicians performed live Instagram various works, accompanying the music with fascinating stories of their creation, reading poetry and dramatic sketches. A total of 101 fairy tales were published.
On July 7, 2020, the Day of Family and Fidelity, the theater closed its first season with the performance-concert "The Way to the Heart" - the first baroque online performance in Belarus.

The theater opened its second season on October 7, 2020 with the performance "Mater", dedicated to all Belarusian mothers. The performance featured Western European Baroque music dedicated to the Mother of God. The action was organically complemented by a photo and video sequence, which, through the content of the works, reflected the life of the Virgin Mary as a symbol of the fate of all mothers.
In connection with the second wave of the COVID-19 epidemic, the theater again switched to the on-line format, having implemented the "Bedtime Stories II" project in December 2020 - March 2021. Beloved by the public, the evening performances have acquired almost television quality.
Since February 20201, the theater has been working on staging the first Belarusian opera "Agatka, or the Arrival of the Pan", written by Jan David Goland to a libretto by Matei Radziwill.

The opera that makes you bored is bad. We strive to create musical performances that are close and understandable to our audience.
Amadey & Co - Your opera!
The theater is based on the professionalism and personal qualities of our leaders
Irina Loy
artistic director & soprano
Andrei Tomkevich
producer & executive director
Valentyna Moroz
Stage director
Uladzimir Loy
Choral director
Tatiana Levitskaya
Iryna Maslova
Aliaksei Afanasieu
Aliaksei Stwol
Maryna Rameiko
Aliaksandra Ivanowa
Diana Hantarenko
Yury Nehay
Varvara Tsaruk
harpsichord, organ
Maksim Shkulepa
Volha Fedarynchyk
Masha Tumelia
Hanna Yegoraeva
Aliaksandr Kiselev
Hanna Teran
Stanislaw Petchenko
Aliaksandra Halubtsowa
Vera Fokina
Vitali Dubovik
Aliaksei Karchevsky
Guest Artists
Dmitry Katechev
He has been practicing vocals since February 2019 г.
Perhaps it is you
non-professional talented musician
Write and talk about us
+375 29 616 36 99
Minsk, Belarus
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